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This group had so much fun gathering around The Story this fall, they are gearing up to embrace round 2 this winter.

Throughout The Story, God uses amazing women of faith to help further His plan and purposes for human history. This elective will focus on the lives of many of those women in order to encourage women today to be eager and willing to be involved in a fresh revelation of God’s plan in these days.

Facilitated by Linda Greenhow & Wilma Prescod
Both Linda & Wilma have attended North Park for over 30 years! Over the years, they have led many North Parkers to a deeper faith in Jesus as they have faithfully led in many areas of church ministry.

The Story Bible is a great tool for this elective. Pick one up today for $10 in the Main Office or the Welcome Kiosk.

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Ladies Afternoon Study

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  • Jan 11
    1:00 pm
    Jun 14
    2:30 pm