Intentional parenting

North Park desires to come alongside parents, to support, strengthen and encourage them as they seek to navigate the chaotic, humorous and often difficult pathway to good parenting. The truth is we all fall short of perfection (despite what our latest Facebook post may imply), but where we fall short, we can get better if we’re willing to be intentional.

Intentional Parenting is designed to offer 10 principles to help parents navigate beyond survival mode and quick fixes. Using humor and insight from years of parenting experience, Doug Fields’ video based curriculum shares practical and biblical advice to help improve your parenting. Intentional Parenting will allow you to interact with informative content and enter into a discussion that is sure to give you valuable insight into your own parenting experience.


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Parenting Seminar

Event Details

  • April 14
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm